I have been lucky enough to do a vast range of presentations on DevOps, Software Engineering and Business. Some of my most recent presentations:

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Generally, I spend my time improving either software delivery through DevOps and Infrastructure as Code, or working on containers and other parts of infrastructure. In the past I was a software developer working mainly with PHP (Drupal), Javascript and Python. Click around and see what you like.


Projects I have created, contributed to or like enough to write about.

Inside Work

Day-to-day I am a DevOps Engineer (and part-time software engineer) focussing mainly on Docker, Infrastructure as Code and Ansible. I normally work with Docker, Ansible, Bash (sometimes Python, PHP, JavaScript).

Outside Work

Outside of work I also run Docker Cambridge (the Cambridge, UK, Docker user group). I enjoy giving presentations about software engineering and DevOps practices. I previously ran a web development business and still have some interests there too.