Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019

Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management give teams tools to rapidly build and collaborate on infrastructure projects. As infra has become more automatable a new skill set is required to manage and deploy. This session covers the skills needed to succeed in automating your infra.


Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management has meant that DevOps and software teams have been able to rapidly build out and collaborate on large infrastructure projects, adjusting to the needs of the product at the speed of agile. Tools such as Terraform and Ansible have enabled teams to push infrastructure releases quicker and AWS cloud gives a near limitless scale. However, as infrastructure has become increasingly automatable, a new set of skills is required to manage and deploy projects successfully.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment enable your teams to release as quickly as possible to a stable and secure environment and Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management should be part of that. In this session I intend to walk through some of the challenges, the benefits and the opportunities that running IaC and Configuration Management through CI enable to software, DevOps and product teams. I will look at covering:

  • How to automate your IaC
  • Structuring IaC and Configuration Management for success and extension
  • Surprising benefits of automation
  • Automation as a practice
  • Caveats when using CI for Infrastructure Development
  • Securing your pipeline with DevSecOps mindsets
  • Versioning and long-term management of infrastructure
  • Bringing on new team members
  • Understanding software development life cycles as a whole project

… Everything that can be automated, should be automated

Using tools such as:

  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodePipeline