Yesterday saw us launch a new Wordpress plugin which enables site builders to easily install the Shoprocket ecommerce system ( on their sites. The plugin is hosted on at, or is available from the ‘Add plugins’ section inside the Wordpress admin area.

Shoprocket is a slick new ecommerce service which we’re really excited to be working with. They’ve made it possible to set an ecommerce site up in a matter of minutes, and it provides a fantastic user experience which makes the purchasing process as painless as possible. It also uses the highly secure stripe payment platform. There’s no setup fees, just a flat 2% commission rate on all transactions.

Once you’ve installed the plugin (and a version of jQuery that Shoprocket is compatible with), all you have to do is add your Shoprocket ID into the plugin’s settings page, and you’re away. All of the ecommerce system itself is managed within the Shoprocket dashboard; all you have to do is copy in the HTML snippets they provide to create product listings and everything else you need to sell products on the site.

Obviously this is just the first version of the plugin, so please try it out and report any bugs so we can get them fixed up as soon as possible, or submit a patch or pull request if you’re feeling really helpful. We’re hopeful that this can be a real aid to the Wordpress community, especially for those that just need to get their online shop off the ground fast and at a low initial cost.