Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been genning up on their already pretty solid Google Analytics knowledge in order to take the Analytics certification exam on the Google partners site.

I think it was a useful thing for us to do. It’s further evidence that we do actually know what we’re doing and can help people get the best from their digital marketing. It’s certainly not too easy (unless you cheat and Google Google’s answers, which you would have plenty of time to do), though most of the difficulties are caused by what are pretty much trick questions rather than by the difficulty of the material.

The training materials are good, especially for the later parts of the course which involve interactive tutorials. There are quizzes to test you as well at the end of each module, which help you shape up for the exam. It’s a comprehensive course, covering the vast majority of things you’d want to know about Google Analytics. So, yeah, I’d say it was worth doing.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for eight years or so, but I still learnt quite a few new things. And also some new snazzy marketing words for things that weren’t new to me! Most of the difficulty comes from not knowing the terminology inside out.

I think anybody who’s been using Google Analytics for a fair while should be able to pass fairly easily at the first time of asking though. I’d probably recommend it to most people helping clients to use Analytics; it’s not too much of a drain on your time.