Getting accurate details from users about the setup of their system can be difficult. Often the quizzical user may suggest “it doesn’t look like that on my computer” or “can you make it bigger on the screen”, however, when you ask what browser, screen size, operating system they are using it can be possible to get a blank look. In fact I am sure we can all appreciate that some people think of Internet Explorer as the internet.

Designing for a range of systems, browser sizes and operating systems has become more prevalant over the past 5 years (since people started using a range of different devices with different OS/Browser set up) but users expect a consistent feel throughout their web site or web application. At Will Hall Online we, in the vast majority of cases, make responsive themes, which display differently on devices dependant upon browser size and capability.

I have used to help me gain information about users system, both so I can test on a local machine that will work as theirs does, and also to point out any issues. It can be invaluable to know how others are working.