A “mighty, modern linter” allowing you to write better css, less and sass. Letting you run Stylelint from inside a container. This implements the stylelint-config-standard, however, you could extent to alter that if required.

This is a Dockerised Solution for running Stylelint.

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The numbering is based upon the node version.

Docker Commands


$  docker pull willhallonline/stylelint
$  docker pull willhallonline/stylelint:alpine
$  docker pull willhallonline/styeling:8-alpine


Stylelint Running

$  docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/app willhallonline/stylelint [your css file]

Stylelint Running against bad.css

$  docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/app willhallonline/stylelint:10-alpine bad.css

 1:16  ✖  Expected single space before "}" of a single-line block          block-closing-brace-space-before    
 1:16  ✖  Expected a trailing semicolon                                    declaration-block-trailing-semicolon
 2:1   ✖  Expected empty line before rule                                  rule-empty-line-before              
 3:1   ✖  Expected indentation of 2 spaces                                 indentation                         
 3:17  ✖  Expected single space after ":" with a single-line declaration   declaration-colon-space-after       
 3:20  ✖  Expected newline before "}" of a multi-line block                block-closing-brace-newline-before  
 3:20  ✖  Expected a trailing semicolon                                    declaration-block-trailing-semicolon
 3:21  ✖  Unexpected missing end-of-source newline                         no-missing-end-of-source-newline

--- Stylelint Complete ---

Stylelint --fix

  • Coming soon (I hope).