As you may already know I run a relatively successful (in pull terms) Docker container for Ansible; willhallonline/ansible. It has had around 2 million pulls at the moment, and I use it not only for Ansible in my local machine, but also for loading Ansible into various CI systems and testing the deployment of Ansible roles and playbooks.

However, I was prompted to think of the future of it by this GitHub issue opened python 2.7 reaches end of life in 2 months.

I then reached out to people on LinkedIn as to what to do:

The overwhelming consensus was that there was not only no community support for Python 2, but that there was very little need to support Python 2 going forward. I have been an infrequent Python developer, mainly dabbling to either keep applications running, or to create AWS Lambda’s to do various parts of infrastructure work that is more challenging with other tools.

So, with the decision pretty much made, I will look to move all the containers over to Python 3. I will try to post about it when it is complete. I would expect that the more challenging part will be making sure that all of the images build successfully, but that is also part of the enjoyment.