After over four years of hard work, the Drupal community was proud to announce the release of the first stable version of Drupal 8 at over two hundred release parties around the world. It’s a really exciting time for everyone involved with the project, and followers of our blog will know how much we love the new features. We had a great time at the London release party last night (19th November 2015) meeting Drupal users old and new.

Apparently there were over 300 people at the event in Limehouse Town Hall, which is a really pleasing turnout and shows the strength of the UK Drupal community. Other release parties were held in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Belfast. The UK has made a major contribution to the D8 project, so hopefully everybody involved was able to relax and enjoy themselves last night after all of their hard work.

We’d like to thank the evening’s sponsors, Acquia, Code Positive, Wunder, Deeson and NDP, for putting on such a great event. The pizza especially was much appreciated after our journey down to the capital! Among the big announcements from the evening were the launch of DrupalCamp London in March next year, and Drupal8Camp in Leeds in May. We hope to be able to make at least one of these events!

Once again, congratulations to the whole community on working so hard to make Drupal 8 a reality. We’re hugely excited to be starting a few small projects on Drupal 8 in the next few weeks, no doubt there will be more blogs coming your way about how we get on. It’s a great time to be part of the community as it moves towards bigger and better things. One thing’s for sure, the hard work doesn’t stop here… Drupal 8.1 is hopefully only a few months away!