Last evening I presented “WordPress: Up and Running” at the Cambridge WordPress Meetup group. Apart from being a very enjoyable evening, it is always interesting to get involved with new communities and see how people are using technology and building web applications.

As we (at Cambridge Digital Academy) have been running training recently, I volunteered to run a quick presentation on how to get Up and Running with WordPress which basically discussed through how to start making websites/blogs with WordPress. I have embedded the slides from the presentation on this post.

As an interesting point, I looked at what level users graded themselves at before the presentation which raised some interesting areas.

How do you rate your WordPress knowledge?:

  • No knowledge/very little knowledge.
  • Some knowledge with or blogging but not using often.
  • Hobbyist/Graphic Designer web builder, used Infrequent programmer.
  • PHP developer, manage websites, using WordPress regularly.

Approximately the group was split evenly 25% on each camp, which raised an interesting question. With 75% of the room being less experienced, how do you pitch a presentation at the right level for your audience. At Cambridge Digital Academy, when running our Introduction to WordPress course, we normally look at 60 minutes just learning your way around the interface, which most new users have found manageable, however, getting your head around any software that you are both not familiar with and not familiar in the industry is always difficult.

We are looking forward to what the future will bring for the group and hopefully the community can engage to make the sessions valuable and useful for all participants, whether experienced or not. If you are looking at beginning to understand WordPress and looking at courses, we are running two courses through our training school Cambridge Digital Academy: WordPress: An Introduction and WordPress In A Morning, for people looking at getting a WordPress site set up, installed and started with everything they will need to start running a website with WordPress.