Recently I have been working with Drupal Commerce quite a bit, however, it can be difficult to get your views to display as required, especially as there is no way to specifically select the product entity inside views. So here are a few tips for getting your products to display in useful views. Drupal Commerce product reference relationships

OK, so you want to display the products referenced (images prices etc) rather than the node that is linked to them.

  1. Create a view using content
  2. Add Relationship
  3. Commerce Product: _Content referencing products from field_product_reference _
  4. Limit product references to 1

You will now, however, see every product linked to the base peice of content. Therefore you may wish to limit this to only one. You can do this from the following.

  1. Add filter: Content: Product reference (field_product_reference:delta) = 0

Anonymous users can not see Referenced Products

Because there is no specific setting in permission for user to be able to view product entities, you may need to allow users to actually see it. Although I have tried a number of options to do this, the easiest appears to be to Disable SQL rewriting from within the Query settings or your view.