Drupal as a massive extensible CMS has a plethora of useful and frankly fantastic modules. Her are the top ten as I am using them, obviously the drupal site has a list of the most used modules on Drupal, however, I thought I might just suggest my favorites too:

  1. Views (it makes the whole database flexible which is obviously invaluable)
  2. CCK (make data as you want it)
  3. Mollom (brilliant spam detection and easy integration)
  4. WYSIWIG (because sometimes it is so much easier)
  5. Pathauto (brilliant SEO tool and makes my life easier)

I know what you are thinking, “You’ve missed out …” Well this is just a start, and I wouldn’t run a site with just these, but realistically speaking you can make almost anything with these 5 modules quickly and simply.