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Responsive design or web design for any device is not a new phenomenon. We have been doing it since 2010 and honed our skills over this time to be able to offer great user interface across all devices. Phones, tablets, touchscreens, cars, TVs and everything in-between, you don't want to be left behind in the dark ages of desktop only websites or companies that only think of mobile as an afterthought. Internet traffic generated by mobile phones and tablets exceeds that of desktops and laptops, according to most estimates, and continues to grow. Whatever your business, if you don’t have a site optimised for use on mobile devices, you’re missing out on a huge slice of your audience.

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Responsive Web Design by Will Hall Online

At Will Hall Online, we use responsive design principles to ensure that your site looks as beautiful on a small screen as it does on a big one. It will be just as intuitive to use too, providing your visitors with a consistently high quality of experience, however they access the web.

The key thing to remember about responsive design is that responsiveness is a relative term. A website can always be more responsive. It could have a better menu implementation, or better optimized images. When we design a site, we're thinking about these sorts of problems at all stages of the project, not just the design phase. Our design and development teams work together closely to provide the most responsive solution possible, and are always looking to introduce new tools and techniques to improve mobile device performance. This means that every project we do is our most responsive and user-friendly yet, which is a great reason why our next project should be for you. Contact us today to get started on your responsive web project.