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Prices from £500.00 (+VAT)

Writing a Drupal Specification, Project Specification or just maybe a spec for short can be a difficult undertaking, specifically if you don't understand or use all of the technology. We have experience building specification documents for client, both to enable them to put out bids to tender, but also to give them a roadmap for building their next Drupal project. Our process is relatively simple, however, as always the level of detail can be adjusted depending on your requirements. For each project we look at:

  • Existing Site/Content
  • Client Rationale
    • Existing problems
    • What would constitute a successful project
    • Budget
    • Outside factors
  • Content Types
  • Content Listing
  • Users and Management
  • Features

If we write your specification and we build your project, we will discount you the money spent on specification. It's only fair, really.