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Starting from £300.00 (+VAT)

Drupal Site Audits are a great way to gain an insight to how your Drupal site is running. Its security status, contributed modules, themes, users and features. We have run, maintained and developed for hundreds of Drupal websites across a range of different industries and website types. We can't claim to know everything there is to know about Drupal, but we must be pretty close. Who better, then, to have a look at your existing Drupal site and tell you how well it's working?

In our comprehensive Drupal site audit we'll provide details of everything you need to know about your website, including the status of all your contributed modules, your server environment, your page load performance, and content inventory. We'll make recommendations about how you could improve your site's performance, highlight any security vulnerabilities and notify you of any upgrades that you should be looking to make. And then we'll leave you to decide what to do with this information. You've no obligation to proceed with us to do any of the suggested work. We hope you will, and we're confident you would notice an improvement in your site's performance if you did. But you're under no obligation whatsoever.