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We have been running Drupal migrations both from custom php and static sites, Drupal 5 to 6 migrations and Drupal 6 to 7 migrations. We know how you feel when you need to change software or update to the latest version. It can be scary or complex to move all of your valuable data between different software, particularly if the features or interface has changed. At Will Hall Online, we have been migrating into Drupal for over 6 years. From writing custom scripts, to leveraging the brilliant Migrate module, to using Feeds to move content and data around, when you are embarking on a journey like this, it is important to have the right team around you.

We have migrated a variety of sites and databases into Drupal. Having experience when doing complex migrations is essential and we have guided large corporations through migration to Drupal from custom PHP sites, from other content management systems and from static websites. We'll work with you to identify the information architecture you need within Drupal so that you can feel confident and secure about migrating your valuable content.

Our Technical Director, Will, has also presented to multiple Drupal groups and at Drupal Camps and Conferences about migration and moving data between systems and has a wealth of experience (data is his favourite thing to talk about). So if you need to know how you can move to Drupal 7 or if you are looking at migration to Drupal 8, then we are the team to get you there.