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Starting at £100 (+VAT) per month.

Like any software, Drupal requires updating to ensure that it keeps functioning smoothly and safely. Software updates are required on a regular basis for both Drupal and the web server, so when your website "goes live" it is only the start of its journey, not the end.  It's not just about keeping your software up to date, either; most sites will also necessitate the monitoring of users, comments and posts to make sure only desirable content is made accessible to the public. We can help you by running maintenance on the site, ensuring that your web application or web site is secure, stable and able to provide the best service to your customers.

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Our maintenance and administration packages allow you to be safe in the knowledge that your site is being run by a team of experts who have vast experience in managing and maintaining a wealth of Drupal sites. We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions versatile enough for all sizes of budget and are obsessive about performance and stability across our systems. Whether it is a small brochureware site or a large multinational multi-site with thousands of users, we are able to provide the level of service that your site demands. This helps you to focus on building your business, not fixing your website