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Drupal development includes custom Drupal module development, Drupal theme extensions, Drupal functionality building and integrating Drupal with external systems and custom software. Drupal Development is a specialism of ours (we have been working with the project since 2007) and we love to get our teeth into interesting development challenges. The world of Drupal has a host of modules which can be extended to fit almost every need, however, if you need custom Drupal module development, then we are the people to talk to.

We have worked on large scale and small scale modules both extending existing modules and patches and building entire new modules for custom work. Most recently we integrated Shoprocket with Drupal for simple e-commerce as a service inside your Drupal site.

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Forms API

Drupal's form api enables modules to augment or extend forms, the usual way of enabling user to enter information. This can be heavily used in modules to extend the ability to shape or control data inside the site and allow extra functionality to be added into Drupal.

Drupal Custom Integration

Integrating Drupal with custom software or external systems is a massive area for us and we have extensive experience in doing it. Whether it be using external API's to build cross-system data, inetgrating with live stock and auditing systems or being able to build reporting and systems on top of large data sets, we love to be able to really extend Drupal to fit the requirements of a project.

We would love to be able to talk to you about how we can make your Drupal site do more and work better for you. However, if some of this has been too hard to handle, please download our; The Language of Drupal Explained paper below and start to undertand your Drupal journey.