About the Client

The UK Shareholders Association is a not-for-profit member organisation that seeks to protect the rights of individual shareholders in the United Kingdom. They've been campaigning for the removal of all impediments to responsible investing by individuals since the 1980s, when they came together in response to the scandal over pay awards to company directors of newly privatised utilities businesses.

Our Challenge

  • Move UKSA's existing Drupal 6 site on to our hosting provider's specialised server environment, as UKSA are not currently looking to invest in a new Drupal build.
  • Provide a refresh to the existing front page of the website with the aim of directing prospective members more effectively towards signing up with the organisation.
  • Drive more visitors to the website with a view to raising awareness of the Association and continuing to grow its membership base.

The Solution

  • Restructure their existing Drupal site code to fit best practices and migrate it on to a new server.
  • As part of a limited redesign, add a new hero region to the site's theme featuring strong calls to action that encourage visitors to sign up.
  • Restructure some of the site content to make it more amenable to search bots, and add appropriate metadata to the site.