About the Client

Speedwell Software are one of the UK’s leading exam and software specialists, with twenty-five years’ experience of providing all of the tools their customers need to deliver world-class examinations.

They are determined to provide a seamless customer experience in all that they do, enabling their clients to store and analyse exam questions, gather results data and publish surveys, all with a minimum of effort.

Our Challenge

  • Refresh and restructure their existing website.
  • Improve the user experience by making it easier to navigate and provide recognisable calls to action to access the site’s resources.
  • Boost the site’s performance by making it more secure and significantly decreasing page load times.
  • Improve user experience across a broader range of devices by introducing a better responsive menu and through the aforementioned reduction in load times.

The Solution

  • Build design around pushing Speedwell’s content to the user, rather than fitting content into design.
  • Use a minimal, but powerful, colour palette, accompanied by an uncluttered layout, to reinforce Speedwell’s brand image of effectiveness and simplicity.
  • Streamline the site’s menu structure in order to improve navigability and sensibility.
  • Redevelop some content management processes for ease of use.
  • Wave magic server speed wands to bring many of the site’s pages down to half their previous size, with performance gains of roughly a third in terms of load time on many pages.