About the Client

Queensgate Instruments are an Elektron Group company which has delivered world leading, cost effective Nanopositioning systems for over three decades. Their in-house design team applies thought-leading research and development into new and innovative applications for Nanopositioning technology. Their systems are utilised by companies in industries including microscopy, telescopy opto-electronics, semiconductors, robotic surgery, astronomy, defence and space, and hard disk drive testing.

Our Challenge

  • As part of the Elektron Group, Queensgate needed a site which maintained the group's overall identity, but included some bespoke functionality.
  • The client required a ticketing system which allowed users to submit standardised support requests for their nanopositioning systems.

The Solution

  • Provide a custom module enabling Queensgate to adapt certain aspects of the multisite's theme to suit their brand identity.
  • Create a custom feature enabling user's to leave support request tickets which Queensgate can use to contact the user directly to discuss their needs.
  • The ticketing system incorporates a complex workflow management setup to enable Queensgate to provide a fast and effective customer service.