About the client

Peak Test Services provides electronic testing probes and receptacles to engineering businesses across rail, automotive, industrial, aerospace and defence sectors. Peak have over 30 years experience of producing innovative, precise electronic testing solutions developed with the client’s needs firmly in mind.

Our Challenge

  • Create a globally available eCommerce portal capable of handling sales of over 4,000 complex products.
  • Build a powerful faceted search functionality for these products and a seamless user purchasing experience.
  • Enable customers to choose between immediate purchase of their products and building a quotation.
  • Provide Peak with the ability to manage their order workflows in a straightforward and efficient manner.

The Solution

  • A Drupal multi-site incorporating the highly scalable and flexible Drupal Commerce platform.
  • The Feeds module was used to upload the full product range to the site, with image references and all the relevant product data contained in csv format.
  • Apache Solr to provide faceted search functionality.
  • Deliver comprehensive training in the use of Drupal to enable Peak to administer their own content, manage order processes and maintain their product data effectively.