About the client

The Peak Group provides electronic testing solutions to engineering businesses across rail, automotive, industrial, aerospace and defence sectors. Peak have over 30 years experience of producing innovative, precise electronic testing solutions developed with the client’s needs firmly in mind.

Our Challenge

  • Create attractive brochureware sites for the Group’s Peak Production and Peak Software divisions.
  • Integrate the sites' contact forms with the Maximiser CRM system.
  • Enable the Peak Group to administer their own content effectively

The Solution

  • A Drupal multi-site using a shared theme for consistent 'look and feel'.
  • Develop a set of bespoke rules integrating all of the site’s webforms with Peak’s Maximiser CRM setup.
  • Deliver comprehensive training in the use of the Drupal 7 site to enable Peak to administer their own content in a simple but flexible manner.