About the Client

The Food Cone Company are the UK's premier supplier of bespoke, branded food cones, suitable for serving a wide range of foods. They provide an unusual and unique serving medium for clients hosting corporate events, participating in trade shows and performing all sorts of promotions.

The Food Cone Company's products are produced from robust, food-safe materials from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable. The cones are practical, eye-catching, and guaranteed to leave a strong impression of quality on customers.

Our Challenge

  • Replace the Food Cone Company's existing website with a fresh and responsive design which showcases its products effectively, without moving too far away from their current branding (colours, logos etc.).
  • Provide a means for potential clients to easily and quickly get in touch with the company.
  • Create a news page where the company could post information about new products and upcoming events.

The Solution

  • Make images of the Food Cone Company's products the focus of the website's design to encourage enquiries.
  • Design and test the site with mobile and tablet devices firmly in mind to ensure that all users receive the quality of experience synonymous with the Food Cone Company's brand.
  • Provide a news page and training to enable the client to maintain their own content using the Drupal 7 CMS.