About companiesaccounts.com

Companiesaccounts.com is a web application built by Hallneg Ltd which takes a feed from the UK's Companies House company registration service and makes the documents accessible, for free, to the public. By law, all UK companies are required to file accounts documents with Companies House annually. These documents are published by Companies House under the Open Government Licence.

Companieaccounts.com can be used to track the performance of business associates and competitors to help leaders make better decisions using better information. In addition, the site provides a number of reports to illustrate the performance of various sectors of UK industry, across the years for which data is available. It is still in its beta stage of production, so design and functionality may change at any time and may no longer reflect the images shown here.

Our Challenge

  • Store, organise and make accessible via the internet millions of financial documents and records of over three million companies.
  • Aggregate this data into useful statistical reports to enable better analysis.
  • Make all of the data easily searchable for users.

The Solution

  • Build a Drupal 7 site which stores its data using MongoDB NoSQL technology to provide incredible performance despite the enormous volumes of data stored.
  • Make use of Apache Solr search server technology to provide powerful faceted search functionality.
  • Create a workflow process which automatically fetches the latest data from the Companies House data product and uploads it to companiesaccounts.com.
  • Employ the open source Flot chart library to build customisable, responsive charts to put data in users' hands.