At Will Hall Online we always try to commit some time to developing open source projects. As I am sure that you are aware, we have been using Drupal since 2008 and absolutely love both the software and the community, however, much of our time is already committed and we do more in deed than in code to contribute to the community (providing assistance, presentations and helping the local Drupal group). However, in some recent downtime, I had a chance to get more involved in module maintainership for the Sheetnode module, which is a great way to use and create spreadsheets on Drupal.

When looking at the project, one issue really struck a chord with me: Please never abandon this module (


So, I started fixing some things that I thought could do with changing. Submitted a couple of patches, then saw that the module was looking for co-maintainers. So I asked about becoming a co-maintainer. I am now 6 commits in and trying to make the module move to a more structured and stable way of operating. I have also contributed to the library for the module to enable using minified files which should make the module/library operate better for all users.

Sheetnode is a great module and I am really pleased to be able to help out in my own little way with a module that is being used by quite a few people.