We’re excited to announce that our Shoprocket Drupal project has been accepted by the community. The module allows the easy integration of the Shoprocket ecommerce system with Drupal, making it a matter of minutes to get your online shop up and running. The Drupal project page is at https://www.drupal.org/project/shoprocket.

Shoprocket (https://shoprocket.co) is an exciting new venture which uses a lightweight javascript library to easily create a flexible, simple ecommerce system. It takes literally minutes to set up, depending on the size of your product range, but it’s also flexible and robust. We can’t wait to use it in upcoming projects, and we think it really expands our offering. It looks beautiful without a great deal of extra styling, though it’s easy to change the look if required, and it provides a fast and minimalist checkout process for a great user experience.

At the moment, the Drupal module only has a dev release available. Please help the Drupal community by testing the module in real life situations and submitting patches to fix any bugs that appear where possible. Hopefully we’ll be able to move to a release candidate soon.

If you’ve been looking at adding ecommerce to your site, but want to avoid an entire redesign, or clunky traditional ecommerce setups involving account signups and email confirmations and the like, then please get in touch with us to discuss whether or not Shoprocket could work for you (spoiler: it probably can).