Will Hall Online has featured in the Anglia Ruskin University Alumni magazine for our work with Integro Languages. We are building a CRM system using Drupal to enable more efficient and scalable management of their translation and interpretation business. We are proud to be working with Integro Languages especially because it maintains links with our previous university.

I had a fabulous time, both academically and socially, whilst at university in Cambridge and seeing the progress of others who you shared accomodation, lectures and student bars with is a great validation of education. Although my first degree, in History, was not entirely focussed on my career now, I find that it has certainly given me skills towards analytical thinking and evaluation of tasks that may not have been as forthcoming with a computer science degree. Of course I am a member of two university Alumni’s, both ARU and Leeds Metropolitan University, for my MSc in Web Application Development. Hearing of the sucesses of both universities is great and I hope it will continue in the future.

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